Battle Town Registration is Now Live!

While people are still opening their goods from the Cratemas drop of Level 2 Items, Battle Town introduces a new mechanic in how we can participate with “multi-missions.” For the first time, you will now get to choose from one of two missions with a third mission’s registration time opening soon.

The first mission is titled “RAID is not just for bugs” and the objective we’ve been given is to “Raid the Toadz HQ to secure useful intel on the Kaiju.” With how many people are wanting to take out this Kaiju, it’s quite possible we see a lot of participation there, which means a potentially higher snapshop reward tier. The second mission is called “Toad Legs,” and it is here on this mission where our objective is to find BOSS_TOADZ and determine his last known location.

There is a third mission showing up in Battle Town; however, that one is not open for registration quite yet. This is one is titled “Take a Quiet Walk” and we’ve been given an objective to “take a breath” and clear our heads. What this means and why it’s not opened up alongside the other two is unbeknownst to the community as of yet, but one thing’s for sure, 10KTF is giving us some tougher choices as we continue this journey!

If you’re stuck with what to do on Battle Town, check out our latest guide here for a brief overview.

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