Battle Town 101

While the name says it all, Battle Town is 10KTF’s participation platform where you equip items and submit your avatar into the missions. Some consider it “gamified staking,” while others see it as the grounds where toadz get rekt. In all cases, if you happen to have at least one Level 1 or Level 2 item, you are in a good spot to support the mission at hand and potentially earn some rewards, such as Level 1 materials, Storypoint badges, or even ApeCoin. With the Toadz always picking fights, missions vary as do registration windows and total mission times.

Understanding the Point System

When looking through all of the Level 1 and Level 2 items in the 10KTF collection, it might seem a little overwhelming at first because there are so many parent collections involved and different rarities with each item, but when you consider the point system in place, things start to make a little more sense. Let’s start with the base points for each of the items – these would be considered “Common” once minted against a PFP:

Now that you have an idea of the points each item will generate at its base level, let’s take a look at how each rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic) adds a higher multiplier to the points you can earn. 

  • Common – 1x
  • Uncommon – 2x
  • Rare – 4x
  • Epic – 8x
With this understanding, you can see how the project is setup algorithmically for everyone to have plenty of chances to maximize points when participating in the missions. If you’re wondering how can you determine what rarity your PFP can craft, the Rareboy extension on the Chrome Store is a great resource to get an idea.

Let's Talk Loadouts

Once you connect your wallet on Battle Town’s site, you’ll be taken to the staging area where you can select a PFP (if you have one) and start equipping items from the following categories:

  • Headgear (Hat / Helmet)
  • Outerwear (Hoodie / Vest)
  • Daypack (Daypack)
  • Footwear (High Tops, Combat Boots, Socks)
  • Hand Slot (Sock Full of Doorknobs, Swords, Flamethrower)

Although you only need at least one Level 1 or Level 2 item to participate in most missions, having a PFP will give you an opportunity to gain additional multipliers to the points described above. There are one of three ways in which the multipliers can be achieved and here’s the breakdown:

  1. Submitting an item crafted with your PFP = +20% multiplier
  2. Submitting an item that was not crafted with your PFP = +10% multiplier
  3. Submitting an item with a 10KTF Gucci Grail PFP = +10% multiplier*

*You can submit a 10KTF Gucci Grail PFP without an item. In this instance, you will receive 4 base points for the empty slot plus the added +10%. 

Here are a couple of scenarios to show you how the match works out, using Figge’s Bored Ape.

Scenario 1: Parent PFP with Crafted Items

As you can see, Figge has crafted a 5 Panel (headgear), a Daypack (daypack), and High Tops (Footwear). All the items crafted are Common item, and this ape will earn the base points plus the 20% bonus since they were all crafted using the same PFP.


Common Hat (18 pts + 20%) + Common Daypack (27 pts +20%) + Common High Tops (44 pts +20%) = 106.8 pts

Note: If a different PFP is used in this same scenario, the multiplier changes from +20% to +10%, and if no PFP is used, then there is no multiplier

Scenario 2: 10KTF Gucci Grail with Crafted Items

Using the same loadout before but only changing the PFP will get us similar results, but on thing that’s special about Gucci Grailed items is that you will earn 4 base points for any slots that are not equipped with an item. Since Figge does not have any outerwear for this ape in this scenario, he will still receive 4 base points plus the 10% multiplier. 


Common Hat (18 pts + 10%) + Common Daypack (27 pts +10%) + Common High Tops (44 pts +10%) + Missing Outerwear (4 pts + 10%) = 102.3 pts

Scenario 3: No PFP w/ Items

Remember, you only need at least one Level 1 or Level 2 item to participate in the missions, so in this scenario, a “Blank Avatar” will be submitted along with these items. Since the Crafted Socks are Uncommon, there will also be a multiplier applied to the base points.


Common Hat (18 pts) + Common Daypack (27 pts) + Uncommon Socks (15 pts x 2 for Uncommon Multiplier) = 75 pts

Remember these multipliers in relation to finished item’s rarity as you look to optimize loadouts, but be prepared for simultaneous missions:

  • Common 1x
  • Uncommon 2x
  • Rare 4x
  • Epic 8x

Closing Comments

There are so many possibilities to explore when it comes to participating in the missions, and everyone has different strategies for optimizing their loadouts. Wagmi-san is a man of honor, and with participation happening on blockchain, you have skin in the game with your participation even if you only hold one 10KTF item. Ask the “8 Badgers” in the Discord to see exactly what we mean. For official info on Battle Town, visit the FAQ page on the site.