Mission 17: Mech vs Kaiju [Registration is Live]

Voiced by Amazon Polly

This is it. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the moment the citizens of New Tokyo have desperately needed as the Kaiju continues to destroy every piece of foundation in site. As Wagmi-san races to finish the mech and upgrade its components, Mission 17 is where the Kaiju is going to catch some hands, or will it?

The mech was first introduced into the storyline back on December 16th, 2021 when 10KTF tweeted images of the mech following Wen Moon’s truck and issuing the following message:

“Physicals will be distributed based on participation in the Battle for New Tokyo in April 2022. You will not be able to help Wagmi-san without a 10KTF item. Remember, Physicals are only a part of Wagmi-san’s journey.”

Image Courtesy of 10KTF via Twitter

Before we go into the mission, let’s just think about this for a second. The team delivered this artwork exactly nine months before the one year anniversary of the project (September 16th). While it could be argued that the release date of the tweet was pure coincidence, it’s hard to believe the randomness of it given the consistent sequencing of the missions, especially with the newest one initiating this Friday, September 16, at 3:40PM PST. As mentioned by Figge during the Crazy Carl Collective’s Twitter Spaces, Thursday would be celebrated on Friday this week, but what else could we be celebrating besides 10KTF’s one year? Is this moment where the loose ends of speculation are finally tied together and 10KTF finally announces its official partnership with Yuga Labs? Doubtful, but the timeline aligns ever-so-nicely with a slide from the leaked Yuga deck that was created for Andreesen Horowitz back in February of this year.

Image Courtesy of the Leaked Yuga Deck Everyone Has Seen by Now

While there’s so much to unpack still, such as how far out in the past we are presently participating in with 10KTF’s production, let’s get back to the reason why you’re here: Mission 17. There are five objectives to choose from, which means badge maxis might be feeling a little pressure to snag some more PFPs from partnered collections, and each of the categories – Headgear, Footwear, Hand, Outerwear, and Bag – show the same objective: Defeat the Kaiju. Although, it seems there may be another layer at play than the recently-introduced metric that tracks the percentage of how many have loaded out versus how many have minted.

Gauging off of the community’s choices for allocating loadouts, it appears as though everyone really wants the Kaiju to catch some hands as the “Hand” objective is in the lead with 36.00% of the total points loaded up compared to the second highest objective, “Footwear,” with 19.14% of the total points loaded up. While this does not indicate a winning category, it does indicate which item the community hopes will deliver the fatal blow to the Kaiju, and clearly, the community wants hands. Remember, in today’s state, for one objective to win the reward, the project is tracking how many load up in a category versus how many have minted. Given that Level 2 items have recently minted as a result of the Combat Crates, it makes sense to place your bet on the Hand objective, but without seeing the actual data, any outcome is possible. Furthermore, it seems there are several who are also waiting for additional alpha from the team to decide on a loadout strategy.

While each mission has created incredible excitement, this one is, by far, one that deserves the most attention throughout the entire space. Regardless if some massive announcement happens with Yuga Labs, this Friday marks an incredible moment for Wagmi-san and everyone who has supported the project up to this point, and with all the challenges every NFT project faces to sustain itself in current conditions, this is certainly a time to Rise with Wagmi.

Side note and possibly alpha for those who are reading all the way through, Black Pink, a popular South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, is releasing its second album on the same day of 10KTF’s one year anniversary, and with support from Possible for production work along with Wagmi-san’s vibes for K-Pop music, it seems like all the ingredients are being prepared for a proper celebration.

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