The DAM Show APE Improvement Proposal Goes Live for Voting!

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Our friends over at The DAM Show have moved on to the next step in the APE Improvement Proposal (AIP) process and need your vote to receive sponsorship. Hosted by 10KTF OG’s DiamondHandz, Atareh, and Mebynetta (D.A.M.), The DAM Show aired its first video on July 4, 2022 via YouTube, and the trio continue to cover current Web3 events with added entertainment.

According to ApeCoin’s website, the AIP “will allow ApeCoin DAO members to make decisions regarding Ecosystem Fund allocations, governance rules, projects, partnerships, and beyond.” Following a process proven out by Ethereum’s EIP system, the community-led governance structures proposals around three main categories: Core (includes Brand Decision and Ecosystem Fund Allocation), Process, and Informational. The nine-phase process takes AIPs from ideation to implementation, and TheDAM Show’s proposal enters Phase 7 today where the AIP goes live on

In its proposal, The DAM Show seeks to receive $95,000 USD to be divided up into two phases: Phase 1 will use an inital $40,000 USD to fund giveaways for live gameshows, and Phase 2 will utilize the remaining $55,000 USD to support the “crossing of the chasm”. More specifically, the team plans to gain more distribution, scale operations, delegate marketing and editing to become a self-sustaining operation by the end of the six month period. As challenging as it is for creators out there to produce in the space, The DAM Show has continued its track record of delivering content, further justifying the necessity in the proposal.

To vote on The DAM Show’s AIP and gain more specifics, head on over to the link here.

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