10KTF Sets Deadline for Kagami, Comfy Hoodies Shipping Changes

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If the new year marked new beginnings for you, such as a new home address, 10KTF has just tweeted a last-call opportunity to update your address for those who claimed physical Kagamis and Comfy Hoodies. From now until Monday, January 9th, 2023 at 5PM PST, Kagami and Comfy Hoody token holders who have ordered their physical counterparts from 10KTF.Shop can submit a change in address by either creating a support ticket in 10KTF’s Discord or by sending an email to: [email protected]. This is not only one of the most highly-anticipated drops from the community, but it is also the project’s first physical production where international shipments are involved.

While the announcement from the team seems relatively straight-forward, the two-part Twitter thread has the Grailed community taking a closer look, wondering if there is possibly a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. The first tweet shows an image of what looks to be a broken slab of cement with engravings of Japanese characters and a small kitten in mid-step. According to Google Translate, the engravings say “Thank you”, “Congratulations”, and “Happy New Year,” but a question one can’t help but wonder how this image relates to the second tweet in the thread, announcing the extension for address changes on physical claims. With Wagmi-san’s cat as the only feline introduced in the lore, it is assumed this engraving represents Wagmi-san’s cat in its younger days, and if so, then the question we must ask is to what was this slab attached?

While we still have no idea what secrets lie behind Kagamis, Comfy Hoodies are going to be something the Web3 and fashion industry alike will have much to say about, and the staff at New Tokyo Rumors just can’t wait to see how comfy these hoodies are after all. With finished goods ready to be loaded up on Wen Moon’s truck, it might be a good idea to reach out to the team and double check your shipping address on file to ensure accurate delivery.

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