New Tokyo Rumors Giveaway: Win a Free Kagami Token from 10KTF

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For our first giveaway, we’ve teamed up with 10KTF to offer New Tokyo Rumors’ readers and members of the Grailed community a chance win one very special Kagami Token.

While we took a deeper dive in our recent article covering the announcement of 10KTF’s Kagamis, the Physical Kagami NFT will enable each holder to redeem 10KTF’s first physical Kagami display.

The Physical Kagami token is also accompanied by 10KTF’s ERC-1155 “Comfy Hoodie” token for claiming a physical hoodie crafted in the vision of the holder’s PFP. Note, you will need a PFP from one of the approved collections in order to have one crafted, so if you do not have one and still want to claim one, you may need to ask a friend for a temporary Warm Wallet connection to use his/her PFP. That’s not to be misconstrued as PFP advice, but that’s the buzz we’re hearing on the streets as a potential workaround.

Although the tight supply of just 893 genesis Kagami tokens has resulted in some interesting debates that range from distribution methods to speculated utility, one thing we know for sure is that this giveaway belongs in the wallet of the truest fan of 10KTF and New Tokyo Rumors, so we’ve setup a giveaway exclusively for our readers who are verified in the Grailed community. All the steps to enter this giveaway are outlined on’s platform using the following link (thank you DirectiveCreator!):

Have fun, good luck!

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