10KTF Introduces “Kagamis”

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It has been a long time coming, but 10KTF’s latest creation, Kagamis, are finally here and how amazing do they look! For those unfamiliar, Kagamis were first introduced to the 10KTF community on January 20th of this year in the form of a teaser video, and the project teased them again on May 5th shortly after the shop was burned down. This second teaser followed one week after the team released its first animated production showing Wagmi-san’s backstory and the horrid loss of his dearest friend, his cat.

There has been tremendous speculation about the Kagamis and what might be in store for users since the first preview. Some have considered the possibility of 10KTF’s first PFP with consideration of the “893” reference in the video. The speculation stems from the meaning of 893 in Japanese, which represents Japanese gangsters called “Yakuza”. In combination with the animated video presented by 10KTF, the hopium included a possibility that the community might receive PFPs similar to the villainous characters who killed Wagmi-san’s cat, but that rumor can be put to rest with the latest tweet showing the final artwork for the tokens.

Nevertheless, the team at Wenew seems to be experimenting with innovations at pace that is preceding the market well ahead of its time. For example, the idea of soulbound tokens became a big topic at the start of the year when Vitalik introduced this idea in an article he wrote, but this was two months after 10KTF had already produced a soulbound token during its NFT.NYC scavenger hunt. Figge also validated this in the Discord during a discussion about soulbound tokens when he dared the community to “try moving that map”. Compound that with the fact that the team not only launched the most cinematic production the space has ever seen, and you can start to see how the team is working silently in plain sight.

Introducing phygital displays with dynamic NFTs is something we should all expect to see more commonly as the market catches on, but finding ones at the caliber of Wenew’s creation will be tough to beat. To get your hands on one, you’ll need to have participated in at least 10 Battle Town missions to claim a new Discord role. Claiming the role involves going to Battle Town’s site and, once entered, navigating to the notifications center (the bell icon). From there, you’ll enter your entire Discord handle where you’ll sign a message on MetaMask and you should instantly receive the new role. At this point, you will be eligible to enter the Premint registration for a chance to mint a Kagami token.

As with all things 10KTF, if you have any issues or questions, it’s best to go straight to 10KTF’s Discord and raise a support ticket, but official cutoff is today at 3PM PST. For a deeper dive into the rabbit hole of Kagami speculation, check out a great video by our friends Cryptodilly and Abomb over at Speculation Alley. Have fun, good luck!

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