DAM Show Episode 14: Wagmi Awards, Bored Coffee Collab, and More!

Voiced by Amazon Polly

If being in between seasons for 10KTF has you feeling a little down, then look no further than The DAM Show for a little pick-me-up to keep that spark alive. For Episode 14, the crew reflects on its first “Wagmis Awards Show” that recognizes various 10KTF OGs in the community and also introduces its latest collaboration with Bored Coffee.

Seeing the Wagmis in real-time was one for the books, and the presentation took the community by storm. The suit-and-tie premiere gave an opportunity for the trio to highlight special community members for their participation in 10KTF despite the news-breaking controversy where Crazy Carl was accused for participating in fraudulent voting activities. The Carls are a force to be reckoned with, but with a debate that took to socials, it’s safe to say some true colors were revealed amongst followers of the collective.

While every nominee and award winner rightfully deserved their spotlight, the acceptance speech by Swilson for receiving the “10KTF Legend” award created one of the most sentimental moments in 10KTF’s history and further reinforced how much stronger the community becomes as Wagmi-san’s story progresses. Below is a summary of the categories and award recipients for those who might have missed the show, but it is highly encouraged to enjoy the replay.

In addition to the awards show, The DAM Show team introduced its latest collaboration with Bored Coffee: “Captains’ Brew”. A product of New Tokyo, the 14oz bag of freshly-roasted coffee beans derives from “three coffee-growing regions of the world”; three symbolizing their captainship in 10KTF lore and partnership with the show. With the amount of news hitting the desks here at New Tokyo Rumors, we might need a healthy supply of Captains’ Brew to keep us going.

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