Calculating Your ApeCoin Loadout Rewards

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How much ApeCoin do I get?

Shopkeeper Hideaki said that over the course of season 1, 16,000 ApeCoin (APE) were distributed per week. Season 1 lasted approximately one year, which means a total of 832,000 APE were distributed in total. We know that 714,405 were allocated for the first claim, so that leaves approximately 117,595 to be distributed to this current claim.

The BattleTown FAQ states the following:

  • Each mission group (series of concurrent missions) during the Battle for New Tokyo starts with an equal amount of $APE available for rewards.
  • A 1.25x multiplier is applied to Missions that earned a winner badge or hit Gold Tier.
  • Your share of $APE for each Mission is the result of your loadout score divided by the community’s total loadout score for that Mission.

If you divide the remaining ~118,000 by the six missions that occurred since the first APE claim, you end up with 19,600 to be allocated per mission. With this information, we built out a spreadsheet that approximates the calculation for the APE allocations including the 1.25x multiplier. It still isn’t perfect, but it gets very close. If anyone has any suggestions on improvements, please send them over.
Link to Public ApeCoin Calculator

Where did the Ape come from?

On August 6th, 714,405 Ape Coins were transferred from an FTX account into the 10KTF wallet that would be distributing the first batch of coins. At the time, it was worth $5.4m. Since then, 4,915 people have claimed coins from their 10KTF distributions, for a total of 631,974 coins.

On the official Ape Foundation About page, it explains that 14% of the APE distribution will be distributed to “Launch Partners: The companies and people that helped make this project a reality”.

In my mind, it is highly likely that Wenew is considered one of those partners. Israel’s “sexiest man alive” and Wenew cofounder, Guy Oseary, is at the heart of the connection. Maria Bajwa, a principal from Guy Oseary’s venture fund, Sound Ventures (co-founded with Ashton Kusher), sits on the board of the Ape Foundation. It is also worth noting that it was Beeple who introduced Guy to the BAYC founders. 

On the ApeCoin About page, it describes the breakdown of the distribution of the 14% partner allocation as “10,000,000 tokens upfront, 25,000,000 after 6 months, 25,000,000 after 12 months, and 25,000,000 after 18 months”.  I think it is safe to assume that the APE being distributed as rewards for 10KTF are coming from a portion of this allocation.

What would a standard complete set earn me?

If you were to buy the cheapest complete set on the market today, it would consist of a Pilot Helmet, Kevlar Vest, Sock Full of Doorknobs, Crafted Day Pack and Uncommon Socks, for a total price of 1.674 ETH or $2,161. This would have earned you 225 points per mission, factoring in the bonuses you’d get for having all five slots filled. This, in turn, would have earned you 20.13 APE for this last set of six missions, which today would be worth $103. This means that in a two-month period, you would have earned a 4.7% reward on your initial investment in 10KTF.

What happens next?

Well, we haven’t actually received our APE yet. It’s stated that the claim will be available on October 13th on Last time they released the APE rewards it was in tandem with the drop of the Combat Crates, and a large amount of that APE flowed right back into the 10KTF wallet, as we all stocked up on combat gear. It would make sense that Wenew would plan a similar ‘buying opportunity’ to coincide with the new liquidity in the market. So, the real question is–what will we get to purchase on October 13th? New tools? Mechs? Land? PFPs? Physicals? The list goes on…

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