10KTF Announces Second ApeCoin Claim

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It has been just over a month since the first ApeCoin claim was announced, and after a series of intense battles on the field, 10KTF has graced the community with yet another claim for $APE based on information from the project’s latest tweet. The latest series of Battle Town missions have been much more difficult than the ones captured in the previous claim as multiple objectives have been added to missions along with new metrics, such as quantity loaded versus quantity minted ratios, being utilized to determine rewards distribution.

According to the update from Shopkeeper Hideaki in the Discord, rewards averaged at around “16,000 $APE per week in Season 1”, and mission rewards earned after August 6, 2022 can now be viewed on Battle Town’s site. While rewards may seem lower than the first claim, it is important to note the shorter snapshot window for this second claim along with the effects the multi-objective missions had in forcing users to split up their inventory. Contributing writer Modest said it best during a live Spaces that there are “12 year-olds out there who would laugh at us” for not figuring out the mechanics at play here, but nevertheless, Battle Town missions and its play-to-earn mechanics are something that both developers and users are fine-tuning as time goes on.

As a user, it is exciting to see the benefits of participating in gamified staking such as Battle Town, but it’s hard to ignore the potential truth behind Wagmi-san’s tweet regarding this latest $APE claim. In it, he says, “It’s kinda bs we racked up these bills to fight a damn Kaiju. How the hell will we recover? Whatever it costs, fighters and frens get their cut first.” Given the level of production executed and labor required by the Wenew team, it does seem that the project is ensuring participants are rewarded first before covering costs. If that is true in even the slightest bit, which would seem to be the case given the company’s demonstrated integrity, then it’s safe to say everyone involved in the 10KTF ecosystem is being proven that both the jockey and horse are worthy of our bets on this one. As always, articles by New Tokyo Rumors are never to be taken as financial advice nor should they be a replacement for personal research methods.

For official information on Battle Town rewards, visit the FAQ section on its site.

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