Tesla’s AI Day Meets New Tokyo Tin-Foil

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By saskatoonsquatch and Branen

Gm, gm, New Tokyo citizens! It’s a beautiful day in the streets now that things are getting back to normal with the Kaiju problem out of the way, and today marks a very interesting day for us with Tesla’s second AI Day. Tighten up those tin-foil hats because this rabbit hole will require total communication without <definitely static> from the outside world.

AI Day is Tesla’s annual event to hype up its artificial intelligence capabilities across different business segments, and with the company’s official flyer announcing the event, it seems this year’s excitement is around the company’s Tesla Bot, which is code-named Optimus, that was first introduced during AI Day last year. In looking at renderings provided on the company’s website, you can see the level of detail going into the design, especially with its inclusion of neck – a fatally important element Wagmi-san omitted prior to his Mech’s battle with the Kaiju. All jokes aside, there seems to be a recurring theme in the space that includes the idea of mechs and robots, and there are some noticeable coincidences that make it hard not to consider the possibility of potential collaborations happening behind the scenes.

Image courtesy of Telsa

Without going too far back, we start the trail of breadcrumbs back to SXSW 2018 at an exclusive, star-studded event at Hotel Van Zandt hosted by a company founded by Guy O’Seary and Ashton Kutcher, Sound Ventures. Not only was Elon Musk in attendance but so was Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff and Snoop Dogg – a notable figure in the space whose recent performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards included Otherside as part of the act. It’s also worth noting that Sound Ventures, Marc Benioff’s investment fund Time Ventures, and Snoop Dogg are among the investor list that funded Yuga Labs’ Series Seed Funding round earlier this year.

It should come at no surprise that Wenew’s co-founder, Beeple, is also a fan of Elon Musk. From the wildly creative artwork he produces of Elon to the witty comments on Twitter, Beeple seems to have gained more of a rapport with the luxury car maker’s founder as Tesla opened its Gigafactory in Texas with Beeple’s projection mapping on the factory’s massive wall earlier this year (thank you to DirectiveCreator for highlighting this one!). Factor in Beeple’s 50,000 square-foot studio that is currently undergoing construction with aerospace ingenuity, one can only imagine how close the relationship might be at this point.

Image courtesy of Barco

Whether these examples are pure coincidence or subliminal nods to the relationship formed, it is fun to see the resemblances used in 10KTF lore. For instance, Elon Musk’s company, The Boring Company, happens to make flamethrowers, which is a pretty unusual product for a futuristic, tunnel producer to make, but to each their own. If that flamethrower looks a little familiar to you, it’s possible you might have seen a nearly identical rendering in the 10KTF Stockroom with the latest Level 2 Flamethrower that can be used for crafting. In the teaser video that introduced the Level 2 items, it is interesting to see the flamethrower’s scene end with a “heart of flames” given that Tesla’s has promoted today’s event with visuals of its Tesla Bot’s hands formed together in the shape of a heart. Lastly, and this is a bit of a stretch, what about all of this mech stuff the space continues to hear about? Not just in 10KTF’s lore but also with Yuga Labs. According to the leaked Yuga Deck, we should have seen some mecha-related products this month, but it seems either the deck was inaccurate or something else is delaying the release. Kaijus can do that sometimes. Either way, it seems robots are trending right now, and it’s hard to ignore the who’s talking about them.

Even if robotics and flamethrowers are not the answer here. Tesla’s plans for in-vehicle gaming and entertainment along with products such as its Dojo Systems and Dojo Chip seem to be items that can benefit metaverse development and infrastructure. Can you imagine joining a Battle Town mission in Otherside while on your way to work in a Tesla running off of its Full Self-Driving software? Ok, that might be a bit extreme, but are we really far off from these types of innovations? Only time will tell. Check out the full stream covering today’s event at 6:15PM PST on Tesla’s website.

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