Season 1 Finale by 10KTF Melts Hearts of New Tokyo Citizens

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Well, there you have it. Season 1 is complete, and there is so much to say about it. If you have yet to see the incredible piece, stop reading this and click here to catch yourself up as well as here once you’re finished watching the first.

First, and foremost, it’s important to start at the end before jumping to the beginning. Not the last scene, I mean the credits. A story that is told is only as good as the one who is telling it, and when you examine the roster, it’s very easy to see the depth and complexity of development happening behind the scenes. During Crazy Carl’s Spaces with Figge and Beeple, Figge highlights the team’s efforts as he talks about how everyone shows up every single Thursday, and when you think about a year’s worth of Thursdays of live performances mixed with cinematics, it’s safe to say the team over-delivered against an expectation no one could have imagined in the space. Is that utility?

This isn’t just about production though, and it isn’t only about the design thinking or how a team can utilize communication tools, such as Discord or Twitter, to immerse an audience. This is also about blockchain technology and how NFTs can demonstrate a different use case outside of the PFP flex culture. In fact, think about the team’s decision to not create a PFP project considering its capabilities, and when you hear Figge talk about product lifecycles in terms of NFTs, the radical disruption Wenew Labs aims to create in Web3 becomes much more obvious.

I digress.

The finale of Season 1 is going to mean something different to everyone. Some felt they wanted more “rug” (a term to indicate disappointment used facetiously by Grailed members), while others couldn’t suppress the emotions they felt and even cried. Regardless of the spectrum with which you associate most, it was a universal experience. One where some loose ends were tied and others remained outstanding. If you were in the Discord that day, you might have felt something that seemed like the aftermath of an interactive, theatrical performance: the house lights are on, the curtains are down, and everyone in the audience has returned back to their usual identity. That’s magic.

Don’t worry, this post is not intended to provide any spoilers if you’ve read this far and have yet to watch the final cuts. At the end of the day, 10KTF is what you make of it. It is a story about you and your journey as much as it is a story about an artisan craftsman in New Tokyo minting NFTs. If you’re looking for some speculation, we have a post in the works that goes into all the alpha we saw (or didn’t see), but no matter what, with Wagmi-san’s grin at the end, Season 2 seems to be epic.

From all of us at New Tokyo Rumors, congratulations to the entire team behind 10KTF for hitting a tremendous milestone and delivering an incredible season.

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