Wagmi-san, the Artisan of the Metaverse

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Wagmi-san was initially introduced in the 10KTF lore as the tailor of New Tokyo, but over time, his role has shifted to something bigger — the “artisan of the metaverse”. Recently, he created various weapons and combat gear, and in the current mission, he has been referred to as the “Master loadout crafter”, but I think there’s still more up his sleeve.

Many connections to Yuga Labs’ Otherside have been teased this year. We’ve seen the koda juice bottle a few times, in the First Trip of Otherside we were searching for a pair of glasses that looked exactly like our favorite artisan’s glasses (scroll to 36:50 on this video here) and various other details have been pointed out by 10KTF community members.

Otherside is going to be a meta role-playing game (MetaRPG). For those that have played RPGs in the past, this term might be pretty clear — it’s a role playing game that uses NFTs as items in the game. To build a game like this requires a lot of time and a big team since you need to create land where people will play as well as any kind of item that can serve to do things in the metaverse. In RPGs, you use materials and tools to create items you’re going to use to build or to fight — does this sound familiar? Common opinion in Web3 P2E communities is that NFTs could be used in different metaverses and games, which means you could buy a sword in Otherside and use it in another metaverse/game.

Wagmi-san has been creating items, with our help, from the beginning of the project. Initially, you just needed your PFP to mint a Daypack or High Tops, but eventually he introduced tools and materials via the Stockroom to craft new types of items. More recently, he introduced Combat Crates that would hold combat gear items. With this system, you need to have some specific materials to craft something. He started with clothing (skins in regular video games are very popular among gamers, it’s a multi-billion dollar business), what is stopping him from creating more clothes or weapons?

That’s where my speculation begins–what if he keeps introducing new materials and tools to give us the ability to craft any kind of item? He may introduce materials to craft other weapons, houses, or various types of robots. He might also give us the opportunity to create other tools for more sophisticated items, artifacts, etc. — the list is pretty much endless. Think how many items exist in the real world — that’s how many items are needed in a MetaRPG. All of these NFT assets will play a role within the ecosystem, having different importance and utility. Current 10KFT NFTs have a typical RPG style of rarity — from common to epic — and carry varying levels of points in Battle Town just as it is with RPG games where “magic” or rare items give more power or ability to the avatar we use to play.

Personally, I’m pretty sure this is going to happen because the system 10KTF has implemented to craft is very simple, but at the same time ultra-effective — anyone with a little experience in gaming would feel at home just looking at the website and even more so when this moves into a game environment. It’s also true that for an old man, it’s going to be a bit challenging to create tens of thousands of different items. That’s why he has been looking for help from his friends from the start…we, the community, have been helping Wagmi since early on, and we will be ready to craft whatever his brilliant mind invents. I honestly can’t wait.

The main speculation for Grailed members is that we are going to be a part of Otherside. I, instead, think we are going to be in the same metaverse where Otherside is — the one Herman Narula is building with Improbable. My speculation is that New Tokyo is going to be a separate “world”, connected by a portal (Wagmi has referenced portals), something like a mall/factory world where Wagmi-san and his friends will go to craft and sell all sorts of items to the avatars. I don’t think he’s going to be the only crafter of the universe, but for sure my favorite one!

Last but not least, as a perfect cherry on the cake, Wagmi-san is building collaborations with IRL brands. This opens another wild number of speculations that I’m going to elaborate further on in another article, but please “tin foil” in the meanwhile about it. 🙂

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