DAM Show Live Stream Mech vs. Kaiju Fight: 16 Rounds

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Today is the ultimate fight where we see Wagmi-san’s Mech takes on BOSS_TOADZ’s Kaiju for a 16-round matchup. With the latest update on Mission 17 that includes tiers for a total of 2.5 million points needed, there is so much commotion going on amongst community members as to how this will be accomplished since the highest points generated on mission shy just over 2 million. Yes, a community rally is needed to activate all holders of 10KTF items (even the paperhands who are listing right now), but it seems there’s something deeper that remains to be uncovered.

During the late hours last night, Figge was in the Discord providing clues as to how we should approach this mission and leaving the community with a message that we need to “work together” and “use eyeballs to learn warm” with an interesting reference to 0xQuit’s tweet that breaks down WARM’s functionality here. In addition, Shopkeeper Midori sent the community an update via Old Walkie channel that added a new twist to the mission: “All missions will succeed together or fail together.” As we approach the cutoff for the current mission, we’re left with more questions than answers, but with over .5 million still needed to reach the goal, this will be a very close call.

Finish any work you have left, order some Pizza Hut for delivery, and get ready to watch the biggest fight in Web3. To watch the DAM Show’s live stream of the match, click here.

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