Seven, Not Ten, Questions w/ EthanShortz

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EthanShortz is a Grailed legend and part of the backbone of the 10KTF community. Since last September, he has been gracing us with his inspiring, humorous, and sometimes prescient visions of New Tokyo and 10KTF lore. He dropped his first piece in Discord on 9/25/2021, featuring his mutant behind Wagmi’s desk:

It started simple, but his work became so much more elaborate over time–just feast your eyes on all the bangers in this prolific 10KTF collage he provided:

I have always had a deep appreciation for Ethan–for me, he has been one of the those community members that you can always count on to be there, that will surface every once in a while, unleash an absolute gem that instantly adds value to the project, and also brightens your day. There was even a time back in 2021 when some of us would joke that he was actually Beeple (but in the back of our minds we were 80% joking and 20% serious, lol).

I couldn’t think of a better person to kick off the first of New Tokyo Rumors’ interview series with than Ethan–it was a sincere pleasure to sit down for a Back Alley chat and learn a bit more about him.

Seven, Not Ten, Questions

Q1: So let’s settle this officially, right here–are you Beeple?

First off, I’d like to say thank you and that I’m very humbled that anyone would even assume that, but the answer is no, unfortunately.

Q2: There is an incredible purity to your Twitter timeline, consisting almost entirely of 10KTF, Beeple, and BAYC/Yuga content—how did you get into NFTs and what is it about these particular projects that makes you such a True Fan?

I actually got into NFTs through an amazing artist, and now friend, I discovered on IG @painter_crypto. His art at that time mostly consisted of crypto-related paintings and slowly transitioned into BAYC paintings. He was an early adopter of BAYC and his art is what really sparked my interest to dive into NFTs further . When I first joined the NFT world, similar to most of us out there, I was seeing and experiencing a lot of rug pulls, which kinda’ turned me off of the space in general. Until one lucky day, I happened to be listening to a Twitter Live Spaces with Ohh Shiny when the MAYC Dutch auction went live and was able to mint my MAYC 1446 that you still see today!

Fast forward–shortly after joining the BAYC community I noticed people were posting some dope AF1s (Air Force 1s) in the Discord, and I knew I had to check it out on Sept 17th . Once I discovered the 10ktf Discord, it just felt like home–so many amazing people and the vibes were always so welcoming. Shortly after, I discovered Beeple’s work, and I was hooked. He’s an absolute legend, and his art resonated deeply with me! That’s the main reason why those three are what make up the majority of my timeline. 🤞 The fact that they were all partners/working together this whole time is amazing. 🙏

Q3: Your photoshop skills and vision for your work are the stuff of legend—how did you get into this type of art and what are your other artistic endeavors?

Tbh this is the first time I have ever really explored my creative side, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has enjoyed it and encouraged me along the way. This community allowed me to do so and for that I am very grateful.

Q4: What is your favorite piece of 10KTF fan art that you’ve created and why is it special to you?

My favorite piece I did would have to be New Tokyo (below) because it is the essence of believing.

Q5: You seem to have some fascination or fixation with eye traits in NFTs. I’ve noticed you collect pfps with high-tech visors, goggles, extra eyes—what can you tell us about that?

Haha, thanks for noticing. Besides aesthetics, I like to think that they can see things others can’t. ✨iykyk✨

Q6: You’re a bit of an enigmatic character in the 10KTF community as you mostly express yourself through art and your written interactions tend to be brief. What would you like Grailed to know about EthanShortz?

That no matter how many times we’ve spoke or interacted I love you all and am honored to be on this journey with you. HUSBAND-FATHER-DOG LOVER & DEGEN 4Life

Q7: Wen Moon or Wagmi-san?

I love Wen Moon but I would take a flamethrower for Wagmi-san. He is a man of honor and for that I am forever loyal. ⚔️

Thanks for taking the time Ethan, we appreciate you!

First Post

For the fun of it, we’d like to share our interviewee’s first 10KTF Discord interactions–here’s Ethan’s first post in #General on Sep 18, 2021:

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