Everything You Need to Know About Mission 13

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Just as the motorcade drove off and DJ Midori’s set full of bangers came to an end, 10KTF dropped a new mission on Battle Town that layered on a new dynamic to the split missions. In the upcoming mission, there are three objectives that are token-gated by specific PFP projects grouped together. This means that in order to register for one of the objectives within the mission, you must possess one of the parent PFP collections from that grouping. Seems easy and straight-forward, right? What if you’re a badge maxi and don’t have a PFP to load? That’s where Warm, WENEW Labs’ latest innovation, comes into play.

According to BOSS_APE’s message, our job is to “Mobilize by community, show up the most to get highest reward,” and we’ve also received instructions to “work together and split up into task forc.” Although the task seems simple, Figge’s comments in the Discord last night lead one to believe that there is more than what meets the eye here. Not only does he say “if you thought you had it figured out, you might need to look closely,” but he also suggests that it’s “important to shake things up with a detail.”

In looking at Wen’s Intel, we’re instructed to not look only at “Power Level,” or the total points accumulated, but rather the high percentage of minted avatars that show up as the “rewards pool is weighted based on total avatars joined out of total parent NFTs that have crafted with Wagmi-san.” This means that communities will need to rally for those who have crafted and contribute to the mission by joining their associated Group.

What if a PFP wants to join, but decided to sell the crafted items? That’s where Warm comes in. It has been confirmed that community members can share inventory by linking wallets together. So in the case of someone who has a PFP but is unable to equip an item, they could either establish their wallet as a cold wallet and link it to a holder’s hot wallet containing extra Grailed items, or they could do the opposite and establish their wallet as the hot wallet and link another’s wallet as the cold wallet.

Furthermore, in looking at the Mission Statuses of each group, it is clear that 10KTF is strongly suggesting the use of Warm for this mission. Group 1’s status shows “It’s a dark cold night, especially in the Pengu district. Make sure your teammates stay warm.” Group 2’s status shows “Lots of folks in skirts and shorts in this search team. Make sure you stay warm out there.” Group 3’s status shows ALMOST everyone in this search team is lookin’ HOT. Keep it warm y’all.” In order to see a status, you must have submitted an avatar to the mission under that Group, but it’s pretty evident that Warm is needed here.

Group 1 has the least members, but reinforcements might be on the way as 10KTF announced earlier today that Wolf Game’s holders will be able to join the mission whether “staked or not.” This is huge news as Wolf Game holders were unable to participate when staking their NFTs, but now it looks like the team has found a way to fix that issue. This kind of support not only further confirms convictions of a project that is clearly working to enable communities but also to develop immediate solutions to ensure total interoperability despite mechanics at play on other platforms.

Community member TheBoredVet provided extremely insightful data in Discord today, showing how many pfps from each collection have minted 10ktf items. Using this data as the denominator, we can now estimate the relative representation for mission 13. It appears Group 3 has an enormous lead, with about 63% representation, followed by Group 1 at 48% and group 2 at 40%. Based on Wen’s Intel, this implies the biggest cut of the reward pool should go to Group 3.

This has taken a little more time to write as we have needed to do our due diligence in understanding all of the mechanics with Warm and the current mission, but with a couple of hours still remaining, we hope this helps decision-making a little easier for those who have yet to join the mission. Figge said it best when he said, “eyes on the prize grailed. there’s evacuating to be done. and you don’t have it figured out. GLHF.”

Good luck, have fun, Grailed!

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