Warm Wallet by WENEW Labs Public Release Available

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If you’ve been noticing the heat the past couple days, you can thank WENEW Labs for turning up the temperature with its latest release. Now, for the first time ever, Web3 users will be able to connect their hot wallets to their cold wallets with thanks to the team’s newest development, Warm. With the gambits of losses that have taken place throughout the space, this solution looks to improve security and minimize risks with its deployed proxy contract that connects the two wallets together.

The setup process is very quick and easy with three simple steps, and while Warm will only function on platforms that support it, you can rest assured that it is ready to work smoothly on Battle Town. For those who are focused on collecting as many Storypoint badges as possible, it is important to note that the badges will be issued to the hot wallet connecting to Battle Town’s site. If you’ve been using a hardware wallet for the missions, this might seem like a messy situation, but Shopkeeper Hideaki confirmed that linking via Warm will allow you to prove you own both sets of badges. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started, Warm is a great solution to begin using a hot wallet for missions without transferring your assets; however, Battle Town is not mobile-ready yet.

The badges will be visible on the hot wallet, if you have the wallets linked, then you will have a way to confirm that you earned all the badges between both wallets. However, this will not combine your badges into a single wallet, or transfer your badges to a single wallet.”

Shopkeeper Hideaki via 10KTF Discord

Another compelling case for Warm lies in the ability for users to share – or even possibly loan – NFTs. While its marketed use is for linking one’s hot wallet to a cold wallet, but what if 10KTF surprised us with a new, token-gated mission that is PFP specific where you might want to help a friend get that badge? With Warm, not only can you now do that by transferring the desired asset to a new wallet and linking a preferred wallet, but you can schedule the link’s expiration by date and time. 10KTF OG and DAM Show member Atareh wrote a great thread that includes graphics and a video of how this works here.

What do you think of WENEW’s latest innovation? If you need to see for yourself, head over to warm.xyz, and see how you can stop using your hardware wallet to participate in Battle Town’s missions.

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