Midoriland Packs Streets of New Tokyo While Kaiju Falls Asleep

Voiced by Amazon Polly

With an enormous festival stage flown in by a tandem rotor helicopter, DJ Midori took to the decks and delivered an unforgettable performance that will live on in Thursday history. Not only did New Tokyo citizens come out from hiding to dance the night away but the nefarious Kaiju also gravitated its way towards the festival grounds to catch the headlining act. The set left festival-goers wanting more, but miraculously, the melodic frequencies were so impactful, it put the Kaiju to sleep.

With a sleeping Kaiju and the set coming to a close, a motorcade arrived in a newly created Discord channel surprising the entire community. In classic 10KTF fashion, the use of motorcade GIF’s mixed with sounds of car engines in the voice channel created a dynamic environment that immersed the audience while progressing the story. Enter “Boss_Ape,” a newly created character in the storyline who also received the role of “Boss” in 10KTF’s Discord. With paparazzi snapping photos and security keeping the area clear, Boss_Ape delivered the following message to the citizens of New Tokyo:


It’s kinda bs that the kaiju falls asleep to the most 🔥🔥🔥 wavs

but let’s take the W.


We creep while he sleep.

Evacuate all the citzens to a safe place.

Mobilize by community, show up the most to get highest reward

When the Kaiju wakes, we hold the line

Won’t be pretty.

Keep the Kaiju in place for Wagmi’s creation, we fight there.

Work together and split up into task forc

<definitely static>

all the flamethrowers t

<definitely static>

and then if a fo(a)mo

<definitely static>

stub his

<definitely static>

thing about the mec

and then we’ll be saved.

Ty and gn.

As the transmission became interrupted by heavy static, Boss_Ape’s speech came to an end and the community was left wondering what would happen next. Mission 13 was then announced, and in alignment with Boss_Ape’s call to “organize by community”, 10KTF introduced the first set of specialized missions, requiring specific pfps to participate in each respective mission. Battle.town keeps becoming more and more dynamic by the week…

If you happened to miss the experience, The DAM Show recorded a live stream that is definitely worth watching here (motorcade experience starts shortly after 2:28:00).

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