New Tokyo Buzzing as Team Captains Hit the Campaign Trail

Voiced by Amazon Polly

With just under 24 hours remaining until the next set of 10KTF missions open for registration, our three candidates for Team Captain are hitting the campaign trail with fervor. Atareh released this absolute banger video highlighting his intense training methods and confirming he has the kaiju in his crosshairs:

Diamondhandz is taking a more people-centric approach, encouraging the community to support all the candidates and continuing to echo his long-time mantra “We can’t all make it unless we make it together.” Fittingly, in his video he sang an a capella version of his long-standing anthem–“With a Little Help from My Friends” by Joe Cocker.

Meby was the only candidate to forego a video, but she did reveal her official song. She called upon the community to vote among five songs, and Blur’s quirky but catchy “Song 2” edged the Cranberries’ timeless protest track “Zombie” by a mere 4%.

Meanwhile, the citizens of New Tokyo are making their final decisions on who to endorse. For some this has caused much consternation, while for others it was an easy choice. New Tokyo Rumors took to the war-torn streets this morning to get some input straight from the people:

“I’m with Team Meybnetta because she helped me when I was new to 10KTF and is such a great ambassador for the entire NFT space.”

“He is a man for the people.”
CryptoDilly (referring to Diamondhandz)

“So I have decided to align with Captain Meby. She’s one of the most inspiring women in grailed (there are many of course). She puts so much effort to bring people in 10ktf together in the space and her newcomer package is nothing short of awesome. She’s a natural born leader, with strong IQ but still incredibly empathetic. She doesn’t let her ego get in the way and is self aware enough to do what is right for the group. We couldn’t have a better leader!”

“DiamondHandz was the first OG to ever do spaces – when no one else was doing anything to build community outreach – DH was paving the way. As someone who built a podcast from 0 listeners, have MAD respect for him and what he built for the 10ktf community. TEAM DH ALL THE WAY!”


“I’m going to diversify my loadout to support each candidate however my flamethrower will be accompanying 💎👋’s. L🔥G!”

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Credit to Moosie for featured image “I Stand With Meby”.

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