10KTF Teases Preview of Renga Level 2 Kevlar Vest

Voiced by Amazon Polly

It’s bad enough as it is that New Tokyo is dealing with a major Kaiju problem, but now with 10KTF’s latest tweet teasing a Level 2 Kevlar Vest with Renga branding on it, it’s even harder to keep calm. With the caption “Wen Black Box meets Combat Crate,” the preview happens to arrive during Renga’s mint of its Black Boxes and just a couple days after revealing the project is “Powered by WENEW, Inc.”

While the preview does not show a token ID since the Black Boxes have not been revealed, the top snippet of the image reads “10,000 UNIQUE KEVLAR VESTS CUSTOM MADE FOR RENGA” and “protection from ballistics and ????”. As with everything, more information leads to more questions, so this leaves one to wonder if Renga holders will receive intellectual property rights as potential utility. Nothing official has been announced from either project, but it’s hard not to speculate that Renga might be the next project to enter the 10KTF ecosystem.

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