10KTF Previews Flamethrower Art for Mutant Cartel “Hounds”

Shortly after the sun went down in New Tokyo last night, Wagmi-san called for additional help from the Mutant Cartel. The honorable craftsman premiered an exclusive preview of a Crafted Flamethrower in response to Lior.eth’s tweet on August 25th, which first introduced the Mutant Hounds NFT project.

According to its website, the 10,000 Hounds are the “offspring of experiments taken to reverse the Serum.” Wagmi-san needs all the help he can get to turn this Kaiju into ashes, but whether the Mutant Hounds will be the newest project to join the 10KTF ecosystem remains to be known as the Crafted Flamethrower that was previewed has not been officially minted.

Knowing that Wagmi-san only crafts for collections that grant holders commercial intellectual property rights, this teaser leaves one to wonder if the upcoming collection will provide potential holders such utility. In looking more closely at the teaser image, it seems unclear whether all 10,000 Hounds will be eligible for crafting since the text at the top of the image does not show the typical collection count that we normally see on crafted items.

Although limited mint details have been shared in the Mutant Cartel Discord, the only current way to guarantee a spot on the Hounds’ allowlist is by holding the Mutant Cartel’s Genesis Oath token (shout out to 10KTF OG Jarry for helping on this one!). As always, these posts are not meant to serve as financial advice nor should they replace your own research methods, but judging by the artwork, this project might be something special.

Screenshot courtesy of Jarry via the Mutant Cartel’s Discord

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