Renga NFT Project Now “Powered by WENEW, Inc.

As if Thursdays didn’t have enough excitement and surprises, Renga, a NFT project of 10,000 handcrafted characters by artist DirtyRobot, released an update to its website showing “©️ ISLES, Inc | Powered by WENEW, Inc. 2022.” DirtyRobot, also known as Daniel Isles, is an illustrator based in Japan who began his journey in making comics at the young age of nine years old. Working primarily with ink and paper, DirtyRobot is taking his 20+ years of experience and putting into Renga as his lifework.

Currently, Renga’s collection consists of 7,500 Black Boxes that were airdropped at the beginning of summer (June 22, 2022) to holders of The Art of Seasons NFTs that originally minted back in March for a price of .08 ETH. The balance of Renga’s drop will happen tomorrow, August 26, 2022, for a price of .40 ETH (~$650 USD at time of writing), and with WENEW supporting behind the scenes, you better believe I’m going to try and get my hands on one!

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