Loyalty Under Fire – Does A Divided Grail Foreshadow PvP?

The recent Battle.Town missions feel like a fun and innocuous way to decompress from the evolving chaos that is Act II. Revealing mid-way through the weekly Thursday Dance Party, members of the Grailed must choose a member of the DAM show to lead them to victory. But, some in The Grailed, suspect it’s a bridge to greater conflict. 

“It starts with a fun campaign, but where does it end?”

– Anonymous Grailed Member

Some are speculating the missions are actually a test run for PvP. In gaming culture, PvP stands for player versus player. The conspiracy theory goes that forcing The Grailed to pick sides in a “fun competition” will help ease them into the idea of fighting each other. DAM members – upon learning they had become members in the story – were initially uncomfortable with the idea of having the community “pick a side,” but appeared inspired by the calls for blood from Apprentice BamBam.

While such a shift would appear to be a departure from the “community working together” ethos, there are those who believe it’s a logical evolution for the project. 

“It just makes sense we’re gonna fight each other eventually.”

– Same Anonymous Grailed Member

Discord alpha suggests that a badge may only be given to the winning team. Such an idea could certainly catalyze competition in the missions, but does it mean PvP is around the corner? Members of the 12-badge gang argue it actually incentivizes supporting all three members.

When DAM show members were asked if they believe it could mean more, all three declined to comment while remarking it wouldn’t surprise them. 

“The team is always one step ahead of us.”

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