Beeple Drops New Everyday: “STAND WITH WAGMI-SAN”

From time to time, it seems Beeple likes to leave subtle hints to the 10KTF community through his daily pieces. The clues in his art always lead to a ton of speculation as to what can be expected, but with the lone exception of his magic Gucci ball Everyday, he hasn’t blatantly produced a piece that shows his involvement with the project until now.

Titled “STAND WITH WAGMI-SAN,” Beeple has created a beautiful render of Wagmi-san holding what appears to be an assault rifle while a blazing fire burns behind him. The gun has the letters “GM” scribed on it along with some tally marks. One can only imagine what those tally marks indicate, but something even more interesting is that we see Wagmi-san’s glasses broken and his eyes are fierce red. If you missed why Wagmi-san’s glasses are broken, check out the video here to get up to speed, but why Wagmi-san’s eyes are glowing leaves us to ponder even more.

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