Level 2 Items Revealed!!

The team at The DAM Show went in on a top secret mission to infiltrate the Super Secret Command Center and made out with some highly confidential images of the Level 2 Blanks. See full details of the operation at The DAM Show’s Twitter account here.

The images confirm the official items we can expect, which include the following:

  • Combat Helmet (27 points)
  • Kevlar Vest (31 points)
  • Pilot Helmet (33 points)
  • Sock Full of Doorknobs (35 points)
  • Fo(a)mo Sword (52 points)
  • Combat Boots (65 points)
  • Flamethrower (76 points)

While everyone waits to open their Combat Crates tomorrow, seeing the new Blanks this early gives us more cause for speculation. It seems there will be rarity associated with these Blanks especially when you look at the newest banner posted on 10KTF’s Twitter account. This means more chances to earn more points for future missions. Seeing the Pilot Helmet leaves room to believe that our PFPs may take flight somewhere, while the Flamethrower makes one wonder if there will be crispy frog legs served up soon. Either way, it’s safe to say the kaiju’s in trouble, or is it…?

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